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Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple is located within the prambanan tourism park approximately 17 km to the east of yogyakarta precisely in prambanan village bokoharjo district.

Prambanan temple. Rising above the centre of the last of these concentric squares are three temples decorated with reliefs illustrating the epic of the ramayana dedicated to the three great hindu divinities shiva vishnu and brahma and three temples dedicated to the animals who serve them. The highlight is the central compound where eight main and eight minor temples are assembled on a raised platform an architectural crescendo of carved masonry and. Prambanan temple was built in the ninth century. The prambanan temple is the largest hindu temple of ancient java and the first building was completed in the mid 9th century.

Prambanan has a 47 m 154 ft tall central temple dedicated to shiva which sits inside a complex of other temple structures in a concentric mandala layout. Prambanan lorojonggrang temple prambanan 224. It was likely started by rakai pikatan and inaugurated by his successor king lokapalasome historians that adhere to dual dynasty theory. It is located 17 km to the west of the center of jogja and can easily be visited by bus.

This temple is dedicated to trimurti the three major hindu gods. Consist of brahma as the creator god vishnu as the keeper god and shiva as the god of destruction. Comprising the remains of some 244 temples world heritagelisted prambanan is indonesias largest hindu site and one of southeast asias major attractions. Prambanan has a bas relief on the inner side of the gate around the three main shrine.

Prambanan in ways similar to borobudur delineates the celestial hierarchy and transposes them to three distinct temple zones. The temple is very popular with locals and so it. The location is only about 100. The ticket is pretty expensive but its worth it.

Soaring 47 meters into the sky with all of its alluring ornaments the beauty of this hindu temple is beyond compare. Suggest that the construction of prambanan probably was meant as the hindu sanjaya dynastys answer to the buddhist sailendra. Prambanan as a hindu temple was made high and slim compared to borobudur with the main shiva shrine stands 47 meters in the middle of the complex surrounded with smaller temples. This temple have a very interesting story and the temples are stunning eventhough some of them are destroyed.